Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

ABBEY: When we went to Sands Sky Park, I only saw a part of the pool. I can't believe when I was already there having a dip at the "infinite" water structure. 

We got there on a Sunday and we expected a jam-packed pool. Everyone flashes a smile and taking snaps. Since we haven't got a place yet, we went for a dip in their jacuzzi that also has a good view from the top. 

But the best experience is when we had the pool to ourselves at 6am. While everyone is asleep we were there taking pictures; and I can say that they're great. The place is serene and the water is calm and soothing.

WILL:  What about a pool with a view of skyscrapers? Extraordinary isn't? Well this is what the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands here in Singapore offers its hotel guests. 
       From the 57th storey,you can swim at this 500-foot long pool, while intoxicating yourself in the views of Merlion, Esplanade and Art Science Museum. Indeed a majestic scenery of structures this can offer. 
       You can enter and enjoy this privilege, just present your keycard and pool card to the staff and you can stay there from 6am-10pm. They also offer jacuzzis; in there, while the hydro-therapy is going against your body, please gaze at the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. 
       Nicest shot here was taken from 0600-0630.