Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sky on 57 Breakfast Buffet

ABBEY: After a good night sleep at a very homey room in Marina Bay Sands, we headed to level 57 for breaking the fast. We were given a good seat by their beautiful staff, Jennie ( I don't know if I spelled her name right). I indulge myself on bacon and eggs ( egg benedict, ). 

I also tried their pasta, fried rice and congee. Indeed, it was a good morning; waking up with your loved one and together spending time for breakfast. A buffet costs 38sgd++ including drinks.

WILL: Every hotel I stayed, I am always looking forward to breakfast buffet that they will offer to their guests. But breakfast in Marina Bay Sands room rate is not included. After Abbey heard that he immediately asked me to make a reservation to The Rise, since we experienced the buffet dinner here courtesy of my boss in Rejoice Container, a really unforgettable free dinner.

      We experienced The Rise buffet and I am up to another experience, so I want to dine overlooking the bay and the busy port of Singapore so I chose to dine here at Sky 57. I am an enthusiast of import/export, I love to see cargo ships sailing, transtrainer busy loading and discharging the container, and it will be a great view for me if we eat-in at Sky on 57.
      For $38++ you can savor the very delectable egg benedict and tonokotsu ramen, croissants "croque madam", cappuccino and hot chocolate (available by order). On the table, your eyes and tummy can feast with the crispy bacons, breads, sausages, every fruits you can imagine, salad, cheeses, and even the yogurt.
      From 7AM to 10AM you can sit there and fill in your stomach with their delights. Salute to their lovely and very approachable waiter and waitresses.
      Thanks Sky on 57, you made our MBS staycation really unforgettable.