Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ah Boys to Men

ABBEY: This movie became the top-grosser home-grown Singaporean film. We got the pair of ticket thru a Facebook contest and we're excited to watch the movie. Its about a group of guys that will be enlisted in National Service. With the comfort of their own homes; air conditioning, cellphones, and moms, they're reluctant to join. Once in the camp they were put in the se platoon and each has his own story. They have the "always alert" type, "buisiness minded" type and so on. Some of them are frequent visitors of the doctor as they don't want to train. 

All of them were given a book out after two weeks to be with their family. Ken (Joshua Tan) was sad that his girlfriend already had a new partner. This is turn gave Ken more determination to win her back by being sick; which got worse and cause his dad to be in an accident. When Ken knew what happened,  his perspective changed and became more serious in his training. The second part of the movie will be shown in February 2012. This movie gave me a good laugh; thanks to Lobang. It also made me realize to give more love to the ones you most cared for.

WILL: I am not astonished if this movie is a highest grossing Singaporean film of l. Here tackles the consequences that the men of this country going through when they are going for the National Service training. 

     I am not a Singaporean but in my heart when I saw the introduction of the film, I am proud of the readiness and high technology gadgets of the men here. Here they showcase their prime ammunitions. 
     For sure, we will watch the 2nd part of this movie. Thank you to RamenPlay for our free ticket. :)