Friday, December 14, 2012

Tiger Balm - ACTIVE Muscle Rub

ABBEY: We got this Tiger Balm product from one of the contest that we joined. 

Whenever my feet is aching, I'll wash them and dry and apply the muscle rub. Put ample amount on the area. It's cold upon application. You will feel no heat after but it relieve your feet from tiredness and fatigue. It's recommended to apply before bedtime. 

WILL: Thank you so much Her World Singapore for giving away a  hamper of Tiger Balm products an one of those is the ACTIVE Muscle Rub. I am not fan of this cream before but once Abbey told me that it he felt an immediate relief from its heel pain. 
      When I got an sore muscles at my right triceps, Abbey told me to put on some of the cream, anyway there is no harm on trying it, so I nod then he rubbed it on the affected area. It is kind of instant relief. 
      I super like this non-greasy cream. Available at Watsons, Guardian.