Sunday, December 30, 2012

Philippine Airlines Domestic Flight / Cebu to Manila

ABBEY:  This is my first time to ride Philippine's flag carrier. A bit of issue though when the flight was delayed for two hours due to technical problem. I understand those issues. But we were only notified thru mail. We gave our contacts when we bought the tickets. It just so happened that we got a wifi connection and my wife checked her mails. I asked the staff, what if we didn't check our mails or we didn't have a wifi connection. They asked for apology and appreciate that. Maybe the process could be enhanced to avoid it. 

The flight is good. The pre-flight emergency procedure video is entertaining and informative. Hope I can ride again on PAL but this time an international one.

WILL: Well, I am proud to be one of the passengers of the Philippines flag carrier, PAL. I already experienced the international and domestic flight from this airline and the best take-off and landing of aircraft is the definitely one of the smoothest. High five PAL. 
      This is our first time to take PAL together, from Cebu to Manila last November 30. They e-mailed us twice and for the flight being delayed for around 2hours. Its okay for us as we do not have some urgent appointments back in Manila. Yes the said delay made me frantic but that day I don't want to stretched-out the problem, so I just keep my mouth shut. 
      Well, the flight is nice. The seat obviously more spacious and more comfortable. I paid Php2,355 for the two of us. Very affordable isn't it for a one way with free snack.