Friday, December 28, 2012

Plantation Bay Resort And Spa - Cebu Philippines

ABBEY: When Wilma told me that we will be checking at Plantation Bay, I was excited. The resort is popular for its good reputation. But I didn't expected that it was a very long ride from our previous destination in Balamban; making us late and tired upon check in. It was my mistake not to do my homework about the locations :) 

We were given a room at poolside. It's a two-twin bed room with a tub. With no time to spare we changed to swimming attire and hit the pool. One pool is freshwater and the other is seawater. We let ourselves relax at their jacuzzi. After our dinner we head back to our room and had a goodnight sleep. 

In the morning we had breakfast at . We trie their clubhouse, beef tapa, and bread platter; all for less than 2500php. We took some snaps in the beach and visited the souvenir shop. Upon  checking out we were given complimentary sweets. A night stay costs almost 9000php but its worth it. 

WILL: I have heard a lot of good traits of Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. This over 10 hectares of land cradled me and my friends for a night costing us USD197.12, poolside room, excluded of breakfast. Expensive? Yes it is. 
      We checked-in around 2pm and we were assisted by their staff and hop on in their golf carts and walked our way to our room. Our room has two tin sized bed, a bathtub and a very refreshing site of pool and gazebo. When we are all ready to go, we went first to their sea salt pool. I don't like this pool, it gave me an itchy feeling, when the sun went down, we dipped in their jacuzzis and lasted our stay for almost an hour. Hydro massage is really amazing. This gave a good night sleep. 
    Morning in Plantation Bay, we strolled the vicinity, bought some souvenirs, visited their beach, and had a sumptuous breakfast at the Kilimanjaro Cafe. 
    This is a great staycation. I regret?! Oh, I wish we stayed longer here.  Haha!