Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adventure Cafe - Balamban Cebu

ABBEY: My feet got cold and hands sweating when I knew that we will be zipping the line. With all her powers, Wilma convinced me "again" to go for this thrill-ride. The place was called The Adventure Cafe. 

Putting the harness makes me more nervous. When we were called at the platform, I muster all the bravery left and went for the ride. Maybe it was my weight that made zipping not too fast; made me to enjoy seeing the greens and ravine below. The experience was exhilarating. One round-trip costs 150php.

WILL: First of all we want to thank John,s mom for letting us stay for a night in their rest house at Balamban. We felt how the rich people live their lives in a day. A simple thank you is not enough, Mommy Coy. 
     So we are at Balamban; Cebu's Baguio. This is the highest pick here in Cebu and we are glad to know that we can stay a night for free with free dinner and free breakfast. This is the life. We are already there so why not try Balamban's zip line.
     Walking distance from the house is the Adventure Cafe, wherein you can find a restaurant that caters a magnificent views of trees   and can feel the fresh cold air against your skin. Grrrrrrr, so cold. 
Abbey finally gave in to try the zip line. Wohoooo! A good experience,  a tension buster, an "I am free from stress" thing. 
     This costs P150 for two way zip. Well for us it is free, courtesy of Mommy Coy, again. She is part owner of this cafe. You can reach the Adventure Cafe +639996812339 or like their facebook page