Saturday, December 14, 2013

Razon's of Guagua - Pampanga's Famous Halo-halo & Pancit Luglug

ABBEY: Razon's was famous for their halo-halo. So we gave in to our cravings after our facial session. We visited their branch at Monumento Circle. The staff warmly greeted us and we told our order: halo-halo and sizzling bulalo. 

A few minutes later our food was served. I assure you that the gravy is delicious. It really goes well with the soft and flavorful bulalo. Wilma even ordered for another serving of the gravy. 

Then time came for dessert. Only three ingredients: macapuno, leche flan and saging na sabah. Their ice is finely crushed and mixing it all together is a breeze. It is not too sweet and you won't ask for sugar to boost the sweetness. It was a 500php-snack which I enjoyed with my loved one.

WILL: I am craving for halo-halo and everytime someone asked me what I want to eat when I got in Manila, I always replied "Gusto ko ng halo-halo". I got what I want, Chowking and Razon's but for now we will blog about the famous Razon's dessert. 

Surprised that they have a branch at Monumento, after we visited Let's Face It, I asked Abbey to dine in before going back to my Tatay's pad. 

I planned for their halo-halo only but my favorite sizzling bulalo enticed me. We ordered 2 halo-halo, one sizzling bulalo, 2 rice, and an extra gravy.

Drooling! The halo-halo never fails me. The finely shaved ice, the leche flan, sabah,  macapuno bombed up sweetness inside my mouth so yummy. Gluttony showed up when the sizzling plate appeared in front of us. So flavourful.  

Abbey and I will sure mark their Monumento branch.