Friday, December 27, 2013

Philippine Airlines' International Flight - Manila to Singapore

ABBEY: The flight going back to Singapore last November 24 is my first international travel on board Philippine Airlines. It was a good trip. Flight attendants gave warm welcome to the passengers, distributed headphones and pillows. We had chicken afritada for lunch and its delicious as well as their leche flan. We got some landing difficulties as the runway was not cleared so when we expected the plane to touchdown the engine roared and minutes later we were up again in the sky. Finally we landed safely and came to halt on our gate. It was a nice ride.

I want to take this opportunity, even though this is regarding my parents' return trip to Philippines. I would like to commend the crew in PAL flight 103 (LAX-MNL) last Nov 6 California time. Their crew assisted as much as they can for the need of my mom as she was in a stretcher due to her illness. They really gave a helping hand showing that they care during that 14-hour flight. 

Again, PAL many thanks.

WILL: We need to extend our supposedly 3-day vacation in Manila when Abbey’s mom got home from USA. It is only a month before our desired flight and it’s very hard for me look for a cheap fare Manila-Singapore. Every budget airline was checked but all my efforts was futile. Then I started to check the flag-carriers planes and found the cheapest with Philippine Airlines.

Ticket are way cheaper than CebuPacific, we booked a one-way ticket to Singapore. This is Abbey’s first time to be on board in their plane. I am expecting a Boeing 747 but a PAL’s version of airplane bus parked in front of our gate.

I am gunning for Abbey’s comfort that’s why I purchased the tix also, I want an extra leg room for him but we were too late to request for it, and yeah you must top-up to have those seats also.

Unlike other budget airlines, PAL have a movie on board, food to linger on and complimentary coffee, tea, and water. It’s a good experience. Sometimes splurging is not so bad after all.

Next time, if we are really, really rich, I am hoping for a business class. Ha!