Sunday, August 20, 2017

Little Penang Kafe at at Suria KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers Mall) - Kuala Lumpur

ABBEY: We just checked out at the hotel and went to KLCC mall for lunch and we found Little Penang Cafe. A cafe that serves local delights. 

We were ushered to our seats and I ordered Nyonya Fried Chicken for MYR19. A blade of lemon grass was wounded on the chicken and then fried. It was crispy and savoury. It goes well with the sambal sauce and rice. Then I partnered it with a glass of kopi. Wow, what a great lunch.

Little Penang Cafe's Penang Assam Laksa

Little Penang Cafe at at Suria KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers Mall) - MENU 
Little Penang Cafe at at Suria KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers Mall)- MENU

WILL: We are at Malaysia and we are there to explore the local food and my-oh-my we found this treasure at KLCC Mall: The Little Penang Cafe. 

There is no queue when we got there around 1pm but there are some tables reserved. Only few minutes passed, the tables are all occupied and there is long line of people waiting outside for their turn. 

I got their famous and CNNGO #7 world's 7 most delicious food, the Penang Assam Laksa. 

My mind was blown when I got my first spoonful of their soup! Whew! Miss that taste. It is literally an explosion of flavours inside my mouth. My tastebuds do not know which taste to concentrate haha! Spiciness, saltiness or the umami taste of that huge bowl, yes it is a big bowl that can be shared by two but I am sorry to tell I just gave Abbey about 3 spoons of it. Haha. Gluttony! 

Kuddos to their staffs too! They are accurate! The turning of tables are fast enough that do not cause a big build up of queue outside. :) 

Till we meet again!

(A) Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, Lot No. 241, Level 2, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre

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