Saturday, December 28, 2013

Triple-O's Singapore - The Star Vista Branch

ABBEY: Wilma wanted to have a taste of this Canadian burger. So one day after my shift, we didn't have food at home an I'm too lazy to cook, I asked her to meet me in Star Vista. She was excited when I told her we'll be dining in Triple O's. 

The diner is unique. Unlike the usual burger joint clad with red and yellow colors (this is to entice the eyes so you'll feel hungry and eat), this is donned with green and white. They're boasting that their burger are made-to-order and behold they are. You need to wait to sink your teeth on that "medium-rare" beef patty. The fries are indulging as well. It was a good dinner.

WILL: Are you in budget but you want a very tasty hamburger.. hamburger that was served to famous hotels? Well, you are in luck if you are just around the Buona Vista area.

Triple O’s was originated at Canada and branched out in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. Well, so lucky indeed. I saw their Star Vista branch and 2012, I asked Abbey to set a date for him and I to dine in there. And you know what? Year passed and that’s the only time he set a dinner for me on that diner. It’s our 5th year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Order and they will cook for you… freshly out from the pan. I asked for Original Combo. Shocks the meat is lovely. So juicy and the beef taste delicious! Their place is not so crowded and you can relax your stressed out mind.

Now we add up another diner to our list! Thanks Triple O’s! More more juicy burger to eat!