Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Singapore's Krispy Kreme

ABBEY: My wife loves Krispy Kreme. And I want to surprise her with a dozen of original glazed-doughnut. Right after my night shift, me and my colleague queue on Krispy Kreme's opening day. I read at the paper that the first 200 customers will be entitled  to a free dozen when you buy one. I'm not expecting to win that but there was a change on the rules on that morning. First hundred would be receiving 4 dozen of doughnuts for a month and next one hundred will get the one for one deal. And guess what? I'm the hundredth customer :) 

Boasting aside, I was even featured in Krispy Kreme's report on Yahoo Singapore. I'm blessed having that opportunity to share those free sweet delights to my friends and family. Dozen of original glaze is at 23.50 and 26.5 for assorted.

WILL: I am always thinking when will Krispy Kreme put up a store  here in Singapore. Always missing the taste of their original doughnuts together with my afternoon tea. Well my wishful thinking was granted last October 12.

I am surprised that one of my colleague shouted that she want also doughnuts. I am shocked to see a photo of a box of original glaze Krispy Kreme at my facebook timeline, gosh!, my husband really knew the things that will make me very happy. Abbey is very lucky that day and got the 100th spot on the queue, he won a dozen of original doughnuts every week and to be a blessing to others, he decided to share it with his colleagues, my colleagues, our friends and housemates.

We are so happy to know that now there is a branch here in Singapore, even though this is quite expensive than their Philippines branch, the taste really worth it.

Until now we are queuing and buying a dozen once we set our foot around Orchard road.

Thanks Krispy Kreme! I really love your doughnuts!