Tuesday, November 26, 2013

(Washokodokoro) Waraku Japanese Casual Dining Singapore VivoCity

ABBEY: We won an invite for the opening of Waraku Japanese restaurant in Vivo City. It was located on the rooftop park of the mall. Outside the restaurant is a photobooth where you can pose with a Samurai. 

We were given a table for two and the staff told us as part of the store opening a meal including a drink will be served for free. The meal includes tempura, udon, sushi, and potato salad. The sauce brings more flavor on the tempura. 

I really like the sushi; I hoped that they will serving more of those.

WILL: Fan of Japanese Cuisine? Add up Waraku Japanese Restaurant on your list. Waraku is one of the famous and oldest restaurant from its at East Coast Park.

Its the opening at their VivoCity branch when we first stepped our feet in one of their restaurant. The place portrayed a very cozy feeling. Its seats, tables, even plates and chopsticks well complimented to each other. Relaxing is the great word to describe it.

They offered us drinks and I asked for cranberry juice after a while the food was served. The tray consists of udon, shrimp and vegetable tempura, and volcano maki. The most memorable was the noodles packed with flavors and very chewy, its seems like a gnocchi texture.

Thanks Waraku for this free dinner and free photo shot with Sushi Ronin.  

Guys please visit their page here for more details.