Sunday, December 15, 2013

Costa Coffee Singapore - Metropolis Branch

ABBEY: What gives you a good night sleep after a night's shift? Breakfast! 

Costa Coffee recently open up their branch Metropolis (near Buona Vista MRT). I got their roast beef sandwich and one of their holiday specialty. We went there and had a free sandwich and drink. 

The branch is bigger than what they have in Vivo City. The staff received us warmly and even posed for the pic for our blog :) 

Thanks Costa Coffee.

WILL: The first branch I and Abbey visited was Costa Coffee's VivoCity branch. Well, this London-orgin cafe is all-over the island competing diligently with American coffee shops.

Abbey and I are the lucky ones who was given a invite for the opening of their 2 branches. We are too near at Metropolis so we decided to take our hot breakfast in there. 

As we are eyeing to go inside, an all-smile staffs were already welcoming us. We asked what are their recommendations for us and they me to get their Hot Choco Mint, I am pretty hesitant since my stomach get really upset everytime I drink choco but I chose to go with the staff's suggestion. I love wrap, the I ordered one.

The hot choco is good, warms my tummy gently and didn't created a war against my stomach. Excellent! The chicken wrap tastes so nice, really nice. 

Thanks Costa Coffee for the wonderful breakfast and for having a branch few steps at our home. Oh, before I forgot, this branch has a comfy feeling, hope the VivoCity will follow the ambiance. They do deliver also, please click here for their menu