Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Victoria Court Caloocan

ABBEY: This motorists' hotel always show different type of rooms whenever I pass by EDSA going to school. Any room theme that you can think of I think they have it; XMen, 50 shades of Grey, Asgard and many more. We checked in and we're escorted by the full force of my in-laws after a full day of relaxation and family bonding time. It is as if we're newly weds and they are pushing us to consummate our love :)) 

For less than 2000 pesos we got a deluxe bedroom including breakfast. The washroom has nice design of floor tiles though the room appeared smaller by its shade. Cable TV is very poor. It's as if you're watching from an antenna. Well how can argue with it when I only paid less :)

Upon checking out, we were asked if we want a cab, but we told the receptionist no need for that. Most Pinoys doesn't want being seen coming out from that place. (if you know what I mean) We wanted to know how it feels being stared at by people knowing that you just go out of a motel; we're married and we needed a place to stay and relax :)

WILL : Since this is just located outside of our place, I am fully aware of this it. Abbey and I planned to check-in in a hotel around Manila but time was so constricted that even an hour is so precious.

So we decided to go for Victoria Court in Balintawak, my siblings drove us through to the motel. Abbey deserved a goodnight slumber, a fully airconditioned and all-silent room. He and Ate Gail attending Mama Sweet, and he is obviously lack of sleep for the past week.

The room is very spacious, the sheets were all white and I felt that is really clean. The bathroom seems so sanitized and they have an unlimited shower gel/shampoo. Do not have a comfy blanket so we phoned the reception and asked for another sheet.

We have a relaxed sleep, no buzzing of people voice or honking vehicles. Refreshed it is!

We paid around Php1900.00 for 12 hours with breakfast, oh they will give you a free drinks once you ansewred their survey.