Friday, December 6, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

ABBEY: So Loki was captured and being detained at Asgard. The whole kingdom was at peace as well as the inhabitants of the earth. But then again another villain was in the rise seeking revenge and that particular "indestructible" force to complete it. The plot thickens; some fell but still the good manages to prevail. It was simple but it was good as this is a superhero movie. 

The effects and action relives my imagination. Sometimes I'm wandering what if I have superpower :)=

As this is a Marvel movie, we waited for the Easter egg at the end of credits. SPOILER ALERT: There is Thor 3.

WILL: What can I say about the 2nd chapter of Thor’s life, well, he is now mature! The way he talked, the way he fight and the way he think! I enjoy this movie more because of Loki’s idea and the appearance of my Captain America.

The whole story for me is pretty childish. 6/10. Unbelievable way how to save the world.