Monday, October 31, 2011

Waterholes Creek - 2010 Pink Moscato

ABBEY:  We're looking for sweet wine and we saw this wine house at Nex. Upon entering the shop we asked if they have sweet wine. Lo and behold, they have it for 18sgd. It was recommended also by the attendant and according to her they were sold like hotcakes. It's the sweetest from all the spirits that I tasted.

WILL: As i said before, i am used to fridge with red or white wine in it. Me and parents sipped a shot once in a while after dinner. Here, whenever I see some discounted price of wines, I see to it to avail even a bottle. 
     Once we were at NEX, i saw at wine company that they are on sale. We got this waterholes pink moscato for 18$. 
      The taste? A little bit sweet. Very nice, after drinking a glass or two, i always had good night sleep. Try this. You'll love it, recommendable for first time wine drinkers.