Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 Twenty-Six

ABBEY: DiningCity got a promo for a list of restaurants. Prices per set meal dropped low. When the reservation period began, all diners became fully booked. We got our reservation at 1 Twenty-Six. It's located at Big Splash near East Coast park. Taxi fare rated at 20sgd. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by their friendly staff and guided us to a 2-seater table at the corner of a balcony-like place. We got pumpkin soup and drunkren prawn for appetizer. Braised pork and pan-seared tuna as main coure. For dessert Warm apple and date filo strudel with vanilla Anglaise. All for 82sgd including service charge. It was romantic and relaxing as bossanova music played and with the help of the beautiful forest-like ambiance. Transportation thru bus is also available if you are willing to walk more than half a kilometer to the bus stop.

WILL: First of all, I wanna thank the DiningCity for this wonderful promotion. We booked for a dinner of 3-set meal at 1 Twenty-Six for $38. This is located at East Coast Park, you can hail a cab for no-fuzz travel. 
      We arrived early and there is no reason hurry up the food. We ordered each of the food in the menu and on that everything will be tasted and judged. 
      Pumpkin soup. It satisfy my longing of the pumpkin soup I had back way to the Philippines. Creaminess and taste of that met my expectation and cravings. Abbey had the shrimp for his appetizer. 
      I had this fish and abbey had a pork.i do not my order, the tuna seems do not fit with an sauces around it. Not my type. Abbey's main entree is superb, the thickness and each sauces is in a such harmonious taste specially with the cheese one. 
      I had the cheesecake and raspberry ice cream. The creaminess and taste of cheesecake just go along very well with the ice cream's sweetness and coldness. Love the feeling. On the other hand, Abbey's dessert is just a simple tasted bread. Nothing special. 
     1 Twenty-Six have a good place to do a sightseeing while having a romantic dinner. They also have a live band to soften the breeze from the ocean. Love the ambiance