Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old Town Cafe

ABBEY: I told Wilma if we can have coffee at Old town cafe in Suntec and she said yes. Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to go. 

We had a scheduled dinner at the Big Splash but we were an hour early at the time. We looked around the place and found this cafe. This is our time. We got a basket of fries, white coffee and my fave teh-c all for 8sgd. As their cafe name boasts you will got a feeling like you were living in the old times as the ambiance is dimly-lighted and the aroma of roasted coffee fills the place.

WILL:  We arrived early than our booked time. Almost an hour earlier for dinner to 1-twenty six. So we decided to have some coffee first. We saw the ever wanted Old Town Coffee shop located at the Big Splash-East Coast Park. 
       I am a lady that is always adding up vanilla in my coffee buy their White coffee has its perfect blend. No need of anything. We also ordered a fries. And who will not love their french fries, it is not hollow and crispy. 
       This is really must try not only by the locals but also by the tourist.