Friday, October 21, 2011

The Noodee Box

ABBEY: Wilma ordered this at The Gallerrie foodcourt. Basically, this is a noddle in a box. Dry noodles seasoned with oil, soy sauce and other toppings. It comes with a drink. She told me that the drink was made of different leaves mix together in a blender. She insisted that I should try it. Knowing what the drink is made of makes me think that it has an awful taste. I was wrong, it is sweet. The smell is also good. Nice to try that meal.

WILL: Whether dine-in or take-away, The Noodee Box serves their food with this American style box. So fab! This is located at Marina Square's The Gallerie
      Its noodles is awesome. Thickness and its texture is so good that was combined with distinctive flavor of its sauce. I ordered a set, so I got this Green Drink, soup, and crispy salmon skin. 
      That Green Drink is lovely, I love the taste, I feel so full after sipping it and feel so detoxified. I will definitely come back here!