Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

ABBEY: This is a fun movie. I remember my days back in high school. Petty quarrels, secretly looking at your crush, not admitting that you also have a feeling for her/him. Of course, there will be a person that will come between you and ruin your fairy-tale-like love story. The young actress did a great job. You can feel when she's sad, hurt or happy. The guy is what Pinoys called as torpe. Her actions are screaming how much she loves him but in return he just gave a dead malice. Time passed and they parted ways, becoming both successful in their careers. Ending is happy :) We also had a good laugh on their teacher. She looks like Mommy Dionisia.

WILL: Oh, a Thai movie ha! Okay lets give this a shot. 
A movie of a HS girl who risen from nottie to hottie, because of love. Actually I kinda like this movie, why? Tye story just don't evolve in a petty crush but with family and how friends fight and help each other. 
      It made me cry when Nam is asking for the forgiveness of her friends. Love that part. Worthy to spend time. 9/10.