Sunday, October 9, 2011

Philippine Azkals vs Singapore Lions Friendly Match

ABBEY: We planned to buy a pair of grandstand ticket, but due to overwhelming response of the fans of Azkals we ended at the gallery. Not bad if the rain didn't pour out. At the queue you can here people cheering, sharing thoughts and even FB checking in online (long Q huh) at Jalan Basar stadium. Once seated, fans started to shout at the top of the lungs when the players entered the green for warm-up. At 7:30, the game is on. Opened with the announcement of first 11 of each team followed by their respective anthems. Lots of attempts were made during the first half but both got no score until the time expires. Singapore scored twice at the second half that made the Pinoys to stop the cheers at the moment. As the time wears on, Pinoy fans still show their support to the Azkals. Phil Younghusband thanked by walking around the field waving and clapping at them. Go, go Team Azkals :)

WILL: I saw the post at Filipinos in Singapore Facebook Page and asked my husband if he wants to watched Azkals live, and Abbey affirmed. 
      6pm we arrived at Jalan Besar Stadium via Lavander MRT station. Queue was too long and there some drizzles. So we are expecting be wet. But to the heck we get wet, hehe, just to see the Azkals for a live match will be a great experience.
      I am not a sport analyst but I do not like the works that was given by Philippine team. Para silang tinatamad na inaantok na ewan. Hayyy! 
      But salute to them, this sports is very exhausting. 90 mins of all running and magnificent footworks. 
      Oh, may crush na ako sa knila hehe, si number 7, James Younghusband. Oh, a big BOOO to number 13, wala naman kasama na ibang aagaw naa-out magisa ang bola.. hehe..