Friday, October 7, 2011

Sustainable Singapore Gallery

It's the second time we went here, but on this visit has a free guided tour. We booked our tour online. Once confirmed, guests are expected to be at the venue on time. At the beginning we were told about the benefits of the reservoir and its cycle. They also showed us the pump gates wherein they will be opened once there's too much water at the reservoir. Next, we went to the galleries. There is a total of six galleries; recycle, river of life, rainforest were some of them. They also showed a simulation of the barrage gates operations. We were reminded on how to be responsible to conserve water. Last stop is the green roof. The grass serves as cooler for the building and people can do picnic, fly a kite and other recreations


This is a six-part gallery showcased at the Marina Barrage. In here, they exhibit the water cycle for the reservoir; canals were built to catch rainwater from other parts of Singapore until it reaches the reservoir. A gallery also shows how they revive Singapore river. Earlier years the river is smelly and no one wants to hang around near it. But today, shops are open and people flock and do recreations along the river. One gallery is about rainforest; how they keep the rainforest clean and have lots of biodiversity. It also shows the future projects for other reservoirs in Singapore. We have seen also a simulation for the gates that controls water in the barrage in case if extreme conditions. People are encouraged to have the tour to be educated on how precious water is and how to be responsible for its use.


WILL: We are back after a year to visit Marina Barrage, but now not for just to take some snaps at their green roof, we went there to amaze ourselves. And Marina Barrage exceeded our expectations. 
      We know they have this scarcity with water and I know they have high technology structures to supply the demand but I am so surprised what is Singapore back then. 
      Like Philippines, they suffer from floods. They have lifeless rivers and they have also a problem on their wastages. But now, words cannot justify how clean the roads and waterways they have. 
     On free tour, as leas by Ms. Priscilla, they show us how people of Singapore participate on their government's challenge to clean this country. OMG, i have teary eyes right now. I cannot imagine why Philippines cannot do this for the sake of all. Singpore is Correct! In every changes for the country 3P should participate, no exception. Oh 3P stands for Private, Public, & People. 
     I am so thankful that i experienced here in Singapore the beauty of its rivers and enjoy drinking anywhere a tap water. 
     To go there, alight at Marina Bay MRT station then wait for their free shuttles or wait at Bus 400.