Thursday, October 20, 2011

Indian Muslim Food

ABBEY: The first prata I had was given to me by my housemate. It's like a lumpia wrapper but softer and thicker. Innocent as I was, I asked how to eat it. Tear a bit and dip in the curry. It is a finger-food but it's greasy so I opted to use fork and knife. Wilma easily like it too. Plain prata costs .60 sgd in a nearby hawker. Other variations have eggs, banana, hotdogs, and chocolate.

WILL: Prata? Anyone? Well, i am not a big fan of prata until we came across at this store of prata named Indian Muslim Food. This is located 5 mins walk from Punggol MRT, near at Sheng Siong
As always, they have a long queue. I tasted their plain and cheese prata. The curry sauce is just perfect. Not too spicy, not that thick. ;)
      If you will go here, dont forget to drop by and buy some. You will never regret it.