Monday, October 17, 2011

Sakae Sushi

ABBEY: We wanted to try to have dinner at the airport. Food establishments have set meals offerings. Wilma wanted sushi so we went to Sakae Sushi. Its on the 2nd floor of terminal 2. I got chicken curry meal for less than 15sgd. Food running in the conveyor is priced according to plate color starting from less than 2sgd to 5sgd. We got her most craved sushi along with the unlimited supply of wasabi. Its nice to see that she enjoyed the meal. I was also glad because the ambiance is different. Eating at the airport gave me the feeling that I was just killing time eating while waiting for our flight to go back home :)

WILL:  There is in me that really love sushi, curry rice and wasabi. I ordered pork tonkatsu with curry and a hot green tea.                   The curry blends well with their yummy sticky rice. Their sushi that is in a conveyor made me drool! So i mixed some soy sauce and wasabi and grabbed plates of their delectable sushi. ;) 
     Sakae Sushi guaranteed that they always checking the quality and freshness of every sushi they serve. 
     Oh, we love it here! We ate at their Terminal 2  Changi Airport branch. ;)