Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Domino's Pizza Cheese Burst

ABBEY: I'm looking for a surprise to Wilma. I kept thinking what she wants. Then the pizza idea came out. As soon as my shift ends, I hurried to Domino's. And I was so happy when I checked their menu. They have this cheese burst promotion wherein a layer of cheese is sandwich between pizza doughs giving the pizza more flavor. It can be ordered to almost type of pizza they have. I got their four-cheese at less than 20sgd. When I got home, as usual, she was surprise. I told her how her pizza was made and she was glad because its her favorite.

WILL: Its only 4pm but I am worn out. I am very tired. It was long day. I cleaned our room. But that was compensated when Abbey surprise me this domino's pizza. At first I thought it is my favorite chicken flavor, but I am wrong, this is the new flavor of domino's. Damn! The cheese is really bursting the yumminess in my mouth. 
      Domino's never ever do a non-sense taste pizza ;) keep up the good work