Thursday, October 13, 2011

1A Crispy Puffs

ABBEY: I tasted puffs from a couple of pastry shops and they taste good. Another shop that will put in the list is 1A crispy puffs. Each puff has a wavy contour, unlike the smooth one. And the taste is flavorful. What I like the most is their curry chicken puff. One piece costs 1.5sgd.

WILL: I want to apologize if we do not took pictures of this puffs. Because once we pull it off to its carrier, we cant help but to put it in our mouth. Hehe. Sorry. 
      With my description above, do i need more words to type in to explain how this puffs satisfies my taste buds? Hehe. We bought this delicious puffs at  raffles link mall at 2$ each. Buy once and we know once will never be enough ;)