Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's Your Number Premiere Night

ABBEY: A girl read an article about the relationship of the numbers of how many persons you slept with and about being married. She started to count every guy in her life and came up with number higher than the normal and almost to the number that you won't get married as per the statistics. She was worried of living alone and started with some schemes, with the help of her neighbor, to not pass that number. She wanted the next one to be the last. The story is good. Just be yourself and never be afraid to tell someone you love him or her.

WILL: We are very grateful to Insing for our premiere night ticket. I admit!, I am so foolish to think that the title what's your number is pertaining to phone number, yun pala its the number how many man you laid with. Hehe. Dumba$$ me.
      Okay, this is story about a woman that can't control herself and appetite for a do. And when she read an article regarding how hard woman who slept with 20+ men, she gone frantic. 
      And here the playboy neighbor, which is lovely Chris Evans, sneaked in to the scene. 8/10. Watch the movie guys!