Saturday, October 1, 2011

Real Steel - Singapore Gala Premiere

ABBEY: We were hooked by the trailer and promised to watch it in big screen. My wife told me that she joined a contest in Facebook and the price is 80 pair of tickets. She was very anxious for the result. It's a blessing we got a pair of tickets to the premiere. Yes, a premiere. I never attended any before. And we were ecstatic when we read the notification that we won. Its held at the Cathay at Handy Road 7:10pm. Upon arrival PS3 gaming consoles were set up for the people to play a game where one fights in a street match. A replica of Atom was displayed as well. At 6:30 we got our ticket and snacks. Any recording device, as well as mobile phones and iPads were prohibited. 

We entered the hall and moments later the movie began. Its about boxing but contenders were robots, also a broken relationship of a father and son. The movie is great; from action, drama, and comedy. Hugh, his "son", and his "girlfriend" has a good chemistry. Good effects and story. Lessons like respecting and listening to others can be learned. Thanks Nuffnang.

WILL: Showing on October 6, but we have the greatest sponsor for the movie premiere tickets, thanks a lot Nuffnang. :D
      Real Steel is a nice movie to watch with your family. It tackles about father and son relationship. How they will deal to their gap after almost 11 years.
      That said spaces was filled by a robot named Atom. Very nice movie. Many lessons to learn. Recommendable 9/10.