Saturday, December 31, 2011

Starbucks Philippines

ABBEY: At the end of each year Starbucks releases a planner. Since we were back in Philippines during that period we started our quest. My wife wants to have that planner. Its easy for us to have those 17 stamps as we pushed our relatives and friends to have coffee after dinner. In four days we got it. What I like he most on their Christmas blend is hot white chocolate mocha with cranberry (both hot and cold); next is the toffee nut.

WILL: I am not really a fan of this cafe, I really found their frap to be to bland. But I want their 2012 planner so Abbey and I hit the place not just once. Hehe. 
      I first tasted their holiday coffee in Baguio. Since then, I love Starbucks hot coffee. Haha. Even here in Singapore asked Abbey to buy the Venti hot white chocolate mocha
      Hmm. I hope there will be more seats in every cafe. Oh!, one more thing, in Philippines, Starbucks serves as one of the status symbol. Haha. Once you have a picture with Starbucks coffee you can consider yourself "sosyal". Argh! Haha