Tuesday, December 27, 2011


ABBEY:  We won the premiere tickets one month back. They were distributed on the night of the premiere. As advised and rated the movie will contain nudity and offensive language so its for grown-ups. It lines up with the movies like American Pie and Road Trip. 

The movie is about four guys that graduated recently from high school and preparing themselves in college. Before heading to college they went for a vacation/holiday. On this vacation their adventures and misadventures happened. The guys' antics were hilarious. They were very funny. It's a good movie to laugh your heart out.

WILL: First, thanks again Incinemas.sg for this great opportunity to see this premiere night. I got four tickets, isn't great? 
      We went at GV Plaza Singapura to see this film. And yes, there some explicit scene and languages. This is a story of four friends who looks for something new. Haha! 5/10.