Monday, December 5, 2011

I Love Ice Cream

ABBEY: Wow, indeed this is a real treat. Singapore held its first ever ice cream posh at Clarke Quay last November 19. Party started at 5pm. Ice cream makers like Marble Slab and participated in the event. Gelatos, hand-made, and odd-flavored ice creams were sold starting from 3sgd per scoop. Free ice creams were given to subscribers of local telco and its FB friends. Next time I'll buy the curry one :)

WILL: I am not into sweets! I am not into ice creams, but I know Abbey will surely love this! After his EMEA shift, we directly went at at Clarke Quay to participate to the first ever Singapore's Ice Cream Bash.
      We are so overwhelmed that many people gathered to taste all the local ice cream concoctions. Balloons were everywhere that even adults enjoyed the idea of holding it! It was like going back to our childhood!
      My favorite of all is the Pumpkin Coconut by Brownice, lovely and extraordinary creaminess that melts in my mouth. I remembered that Abbey bought a scoop of chocolate ice cream at Haato and never gave me even a half-spoon of his chocolate gelato. Damot! Hehe.
      We'll wait for the next year's ice cream bash!