Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baguio City Philippines

ABBEY: This is my second trip to this summer capital. The first one is an officer's retreat of our church. I just visited PMA and central market due to limited time.

On the second trip we stayed at Veniz hotel located at the center of the city (near the KM 0 mark). We went also to Mines View, Wright and Burnham parks, SM Baguio, had a dinner at Session Road, strawberry farm, and Central Market for pasalubong. We took the deluxe bus of Victory Liner for the trip.

WILL: Okay, okay, okay this is my fourth time in here, but until now, Baguio never fails to give me a shivering experience. 
Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines. As this is one of the coldest part of Luzon that metro people can go. From Manila you can take Victory Liner Bus from its Cubao terminal or Monumento and take the 6 hour journey. I will suggest to take the night trip as it will save time for you. This city is very small that you can explore all the great places just for a day. 
Some that we explored with Ate Beth and her husband were the following. 

1. Strawberry Farm - a one jeepney away from the city. If you have a chance to pick some strawberry do it but be cautious because this is more expensive than the packed one in city's market. Do not forget to taste the strawberry flavored taho! Sarap-sarap! 

2. Still, the fantastic Mines View. The bustling sound of Pine Trees is priceless. I hope government will still protect this tourist attraction. 

3. The Wright Park. Due to many horses staying in this park, beware of their poops and its stench.  

4. The Mansion. Philippines' President home here in Baguio. 

5. The Botanical Garden is under renovation. Nothing so much to see here. This place is so much commercialized. So many stores inside. :( 

6. Burnham Park. Here you can rent a boat, do some picnic.

7. SM Baguio is now one of the tourist spot here. Why? This is their only mall that not uses air conditioner. Haha! They have a scheduled fireworks show too. 

8. Session Road. This is most crowded place that I can see here in Baguio. Traffic Jam never leaves that road. People were like ants flocking and roaming around. Banks, restaurants were all here. ;)

9. Camp John Hay. The high ranking officials place. Scenic and very serene. You can play golf here, do some outdoor activities and even rent a room for a night. 

     There's more places to go and visit here. Try to visit Baguio, choose Philippines.