Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cafe by the Ruins

ABBEY: This cafe is located across Baguio city hall. They not only serve coffee and sandwiches but lunch and dinner as well. A meal starts at 150php but its very reasonable. I got my BLT sandwich. The buns were made from kamote. The sandwich is juicy and tastes great. Bacon is crispy, the lettuce and tomato are fresh. Wooden chairs and tables are used and vines covers the roof. By the way this cafe also serves wine.

WILL: This restaurant is very famous here in Baguio City. Almost everybody knew its location. From Burnham Park, it's just 5 minutes walk towards in front of Baguio City Hall. 
      Its place's designed as if you are in a era of 1960-1970's.  It might be like a homey place for your mom and dad. I ordered a tuna sandwich. But i do not expect that this tuna will be look like just burgers. Hehe. The bun is amazing, the veggies are so fresh that once you crunched up on it, the greenery aroma is there. 
      It is quite pricey for budget travelers.