Monday, December 26, 2011

Victory Liner Deluxe Bus to Baguio

ABBEY: We booked our tickets for our Baguio trip at this liner. One way ticket costs 750. The bus has comfy seats for the customers during the long ride. You can do also "number one and two" as it is equipped with a comfort room. 

Added perks are the drink with biscuits. We didn't have the time to eat them; we're asleep most of the travel time. You can reach Baguio 4-5 hours one-way.

I am quite hesitant to ride on this bus, why?, this is expensive. The air conditioned bus from Manila to Baguio is just Php445 whereas this deluxe bus is Php715. 

      The air conditioned one has 4 stops for the passengers can alight out of the bus and do some stretching and can go to the bus stops' toilet, this ride can take up to 6-7 hours. 
      While, the deluxe one has no stopovers and have its own toilet. The ride was awesome we reached Baguio 4 and half hours. The bus is so clean and comfortable, you can recline the chair and have its own footrest. The ticket comes with free biscuit and a drink. Steward is there to assist you. Lovely isn't? Its like you are in a plane. Oh by the way, their seat is bigger than budget planes' seats. ;) 
      Hooray for victory liner. Try this one, you'll never regret paying almost double. ;)