Thursday, December 22, 2011

Circles Event Cafe - Makati Shangri-la

ABBEY: I have heard about this restaurant back when I'm still working in Philippines. My co-workers kids our manager to have out team dinner there. It didn't happen as its too expensive and the price is out of the budget. 

I asked Wilma if we can have a buffet when we have a vacation. We landed a reservation for three at Circles at Shangri-la Hotel in Makati. One person is charged 1590php. They serve western, Turkish, Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. 

I like the most is their roasted sweet pork. I had pasta in red sauce, asado siopao, grilled pork, longganisa fried rice, leche flan, watermelon and ripe mangoes. That dinner is great. I'm very full. You can have unlimited drink of different iced teas for top-up of 200php per person.

WILL: Circles is very famous for the buffet world in Manila. It is located at Shangri-la Makati ground floor. 
       Plane landed and directly from NAIA1 we headed to this sinful world of Circles. Gluttony it may seem but yes, we are very excited to do some buffet. Yes excited for food but more excited to fill out stomachs with my ever missed  Ate Francia. Aside for being an ATE, she is a true and loving friend. Huhu. Teary eyes. Anyways back on food. 
       They have selection of different cuisines. As usual, chinese, japanese, & indian foods are there, what u Love most? Their stake with this mushroom sauce. The sushi? Not enough variants to choose from. The dumplings? Not that quite tasty as I tastes others. A meager selection of fruits and desserts. 
For me, I am still in love with Sofitel's Spiral. It costs Php1,590+++ each and you can book online at