Sunday, January 1, 2012

Amazing Race Season 19

ABBEY: This is another exciting season for the Amazing Race. I rooted for the snowboarders, who placed first on 6 six legs, but they had a hard time in Panama. You can never tell who will win on each leg unless Phil will check them in; even stepping first on the mat is not a guarantee. 

Another interesting pair is the grandparents, Bill and Cathi. At their age they managed to climb a rock wall, put a bed in their shoulders and carry it for a couple of kilometers, and run as hard as they could to keep up with other teams. It's an achievement. 

And as for the winners of the season, Ernie and Cindy, congratulations. This couple almost became the first place on certain legs but ran out of steam before the pit stop. Good thing that on the finals, they had kept their pace and reached the stop first and won the million dollars. Great season indeed!

WILL: I am rooting for the snowboarders, Andy & Tommy. They are very incredible, the luck is almost always on their side... until elimination for the final three. 
      The control freak, Cindy and Ernie won this season the million dollars. Even they are not my favorite, they really are a cute couple. They managed to laugh and be cool on different and unexpected situations.
      I also give credit to Bill and Cathi. They are wonderful oldies. They gave us a great show and proved that age doesn't matter to those challenges. They have this wisdom, patience and great will to finish the legs of every race. 
      Looking forward to Season 20! More power to Amazing Race!