Tuesday, December 6, 2011


ABBEY: We were entice especially my wife by the bread of Marche. Whenever we pass by it we are thinking of buying one but it's almost always happens that we have already a loaf at home. One time when we strolling along Somerset we bought wholemeal loaf. It's a huge bread. Its has very good aroma. You can eat the bread on its own. It's very tasty. Or you can partner it with chicken franks as did. I'm looking forward for the day that we can dine at their restaurant.

WILL: I saw Marche store at VivoCity and asked abbey if we can have some snack there sometime. And that sometime until now never happens, why? Vivo is quite far from us and his new office.
      Now, we bought this huge loaf and I am very very happy to see this bread. The taste is awesome, you will never need any spread for it. Crunchy outside and inside is so soft. Love this! This costs us nor more than $5.