Friday, December 23, 2011

Tiger Airways - Singapore to Manila

ABBEY: At first I was hesitant to book out flight in this airline but we tried it when they conducted a fare sale. We got our ticket for 5k php. An additional 15kg check-in baggage costs 1071php.  

Upon checking in an hour before our flight we were accommodated warmly by their staff. Any flight-related query that we have were answered politely. The seats and food are almost the same as the other airlines. 

The flight is smooth and We arrived at Singapore on the expected time.

WILL: Tiger Airways is one of the budget airline that Filipinos can avail en route from Singapore to Manila.  Their plane lands and departs at NAIA 1 & Budget Terminal. Now, they also offers Davao and Cebu destination. 

      Plane is similar to other budget-fare planes. They have this black seat covers and I think they have more than 5 stewards on board. But I have some concern on this, If they have a lot of people on board, why the magazine holders have some trashes?

      Happy to experienced to ride this plane. I hope we can get more fare promos soon ;)