Sunday, December 4, 2011

OldTown White Coffee 3in1 Hazelnut

ABBEY: I like their coffee when we visited their shop at the Playground. When we saw their instant coffee at World Food Fair we bought the pack. 

The flavor is hazelnut. Rich aroma filled our room when I made a cup. As the smell is good so is the taste; not too bitter, not too sweet. It's a good buy. Unfortunately the stock run out when we tried to at Sheng Siong.

WILL: OldTown is a local business from Malaysia but also a distinctive cafe here in Singapore. White coffee for Malaysians is coffee roasted in margarine, brewed and sweetened by condensed milk.
      This coffee has a very strong aroma that will awaken your spirit, when you sip it your taste buds will be definitely thankful to you. 
      I hope we can see more of this flavor at supermarkets. OldTown is always out of stock. Tourist here in Singapore, this coffee is a must to buy before heading home.