Sunday, December 25, 2011

No Other Place Like Home

ABBEY:Its Christmas and in Philippines the season starts in the "ber" months and will last until the Chinese New Year. The festive spirit is very high that you will not see an individual without a smile on his face.

My parents were surprised and almost fainted when they saw us. They can't believe that we were at their midst.
I don't know which food to eat first or place to go. I was ecstatic. I know i have limited time so be wise spending it. Good thing that in Philippines time seems so slow. We got almost everything covered and we found other time to spare and do other things beyond what we planned.

We managed to bond time with our both families and friends; like dinner, food trip, spa and malling.

As our vacation comes to an end I was like a prisoner on the death row. I don't want to leave but we have to. It was hard to bid them farewell. As I remember the moments we had I was more eager to strive and work hard knowing that we'll be together again someday.

WILL: For me, when I am hearing the word "home" I am not thinking of a place or our house but the people who continuously loving me. 
I miss all of the people I used to spend my life with and specially my bratty niece and nephews. 
      I miss my parents and siblings. I miss my elite friends. I miss my in-laws. Swearing... I miss everything about in the Philippines. 
      I love it when Abbey approved me to buy some tickets to spend 9 days with our love ones. He is such a very understanding husband. Blessed me! 
      There is no place like home. Nothing can compares spending time with family and friends!  I love you all! 
I love you my Abbey more & more... Abbey... my new home.