Friday, December 16, 2011

Holland & Barrett Vitamins

ABBEY:  At last we found an alternative shop to buy our supplements. We always buy at their branch at VivoCity Mall as it is convenient for us. 

The sales associates can clearly discuss to us the effects of the vitamins and sometimes make suggestion on which supplements to try. We got Vitamin C, Flaxseed oil, multivitamins etc. 

In here also we buy the supplements for our parents. So far we experience no side effects from them. 

WILL: We are always seeing Holland & Barrett almost everywhere here in Singapore. We bought out very first bottles at VivoCity branch. This is an alternative to our GNC vitamins. 

Holland & Barrett is a lot cheaper than other brands and a trusted company all over the world.  We do hope that this pills can help our body to energize, be productive and overpower the bacteria that may costs sickness.