Monday, December 19, 2011

Koi Cafe

ABBEY: Wilma anticipates the opening of their branch at CompassPoint. When it opened we queue to order a couple of bubble tea. 

This is the first time I saw that an iPad is used to get the orders just like the screen at the cash register. (maybe remote app) That amazed me :) This gives the efficiency of the staff to get and processed the orders. Which in turn giving the customers minimal waiting time. 

We got Ovaltine and caramel macchiato for 7sgd. They also offer sugar level options. Now I have an alternative for my Golden Ovaltine.

WILL: Koi Cafe is having a great buzz around Sengkang and that was  thing that gave us a huge urge to try this one. 
      As usual long queue is there but fret not, they have a great service that they can make your waiting time to be shorter than expected. Very high-tech! they use iPad to take our orders and we will just pay at the counter and get our queue number.
     That taste? not bad but not so good as the Gong Cha. Try it, anyways we have different level of taste and satisfaction.