Monday, June 29, 2015

The Green Market (SIN7) - Changi Terminal 2

ABBEY: We're always excited going to airport as it means we'll go for vacation and we also get to used our lounge passes. Green Market is one of them. It serves Japanese cuisine. 

Upon arrival, we were given comfy seats and then we headed to the buffet. I got a bowl of salmon soup. It was hot and comforting. Each chuck of salmon melted on my mouth, no chewing needed. (Just apply pressure, haha) I also tried their pasta salad. 

It is creamy and aromatic because of capsicum strips. I also had a couple of plates of maki. Too bad their Unagi don is a one-time serving only; it was really delicious. 

Of course, unlimited tea and coffee are available after filling up your tummy with sumptuous food.

WILL: Again, special thanks to Priority Pass from Citibank for the opportunity to have a complimentary access to different lounges not only in Singapore but to other countries. This is our second time to use the Priority Pass and on this we took the chance to check out the Green Market at Changi Terminal 2. 

It is located at the 3rd floor just beside McDonalds. It is a Japanese cuisine. Please take note that sashimi is limited, so savour it on every bite. I kept coning back for their sushi and salad pasta. 

They have food, tv and magazines to entertain their guests. Well, I can stay there for hours and eat all their salad pasta. Haha! A peaceful place to visit before your flight.