Monday, June 22, 2015

Cheap Dinner Buffet at La Carmela de Boracay

ABBEY: After a 3-hour trip from Manila to Boracay and walk along the beach, we ended our first day with a buffet dinner at La Carmela. It is a 12-15-minute walk from D Mall. After paying PHP700 for two, we were led to the table where sumptuous food is waiting for us. I got some onion rings for appetizer. Then I took a plateful of beef mushroom sauce and chicken cacclatori; had some fruits and greens also.

We got a table on the beach and enjoyed our dinner with a view of the sunset. I think I made 3 trips to the buffet. 

The night ended with a fire dance. Make sure to empty your plate else you'll be paying double. This is their initiative for their anti-food wastage drive.

WILL: On our first night at Boracay, we would love to have a buffet in preparation of tomorrow's activities. Haha! As I have read too many blogs, Buffet at La Carmela is worth the price of Php350.00

Not so many choices but having a sky's-the-limit mini crabs and shrimps sufficed the amount we paid.

Having a dinner by the beach is romantic but it is more sweeter if you are eating while marvelling the magnificent bursts of colours of the sunset.  Around 7pm, the fire dancers arrived and we watched their performances. After that we ate again and that time I go for the Mongolian bbq. Excellent!

A cheap alternative eatery for a hungry tummy.