Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Southwest Tours Boracay - A Hassle Free Boracay Transportation

ABBEY: It was my first trip to Boracay and I can say that the travel time is not boring nor irritating. Thanks to SouthWest as they took care of us for all the transfers that we need to go thru. Yes, from Kalibo airport to Boracay and back. 

Their service is great. Just put the "sticker" to your chest, look for SouthWest staffs or follow their signs, then you'll get to your destination safe and sound. No worries if you'll be in different hotels when you arrive and depart. Tell them the locations and they'll be there ahead of your schedule. Their staffs are always smiling and accommodate the guests well. 

Thanks SouthWest.

WILL: Who doesn't want a stress free vacation with your loved ones? Everyone is aiming a perfect vacation right but a multi-mode of transport holiday is quite tiring. Its either you will book on the spot to save some pennies or to book advance and skip the queue. 

Southwest Tours was recommended by almost all of the hotels of Boracay for their airport-hotel-airport transfers. I checked their rates online and compared to friends who always visit Boracay. They confirmed that if I would like to wait and haggle for some hundred pesos they would recommend for me to skip Southwest and book it walk-in. The catch? You will trade few minutes or even an hour to wait until the bus/boat/tricycle to get full. Well, time is more important to me and Abbey so despite of few peso we opted for Southwest Travels and Tours. 

When we arrived at Kalibo Airport a small banner indicating our name greeted us. We were given a sticker and tickets. We were led immediately to their bus and not more than 20minutes our bus is speeding its way for a 2-hour journey. Seat is comfortable, bus is clean and I never passed the opportunity to take some snooze. Haha. 

We alight from the bus and we were guided by staffs of Southwest until we reached their small yacht. No more than ten minutes, we sailed. Half an hour we reached Caticlan Port. As usual there are their staffs waiving at us and guiding us. We then took a small van up to our hotel. 

On our way back to Manila, their service never fail. Our call time is 1130am for them to pick us up and the hotel concierge informed us that the Southwest staff is there waiting for us from 1030am. They are not on time. They are ahead of it. Haha! 

I felt so VIP on our tour at Boracay. Thanks Southwest Travels and Tours for making our vacation hassle-free. 

Please do visit their website. Please click here.