Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MNL Beach Hostel Boracay

ABBEY: We stayed at MNL Hostel on our first 2 nights in Boracay. It is near Bulabog beach and a 15-minute walk from D Mall. We got their suite. As it is a backpacker hostel, our room is the best in building. It has its own toilet and bath, a queen sized bed, and it is on the top most storey. Yes the rate is cheap, but the experience is awesome. 

The wet clothes should be outside your room, toiletries are not included on your payment, no phone to call the front desk, no wifi on your room except for common places. But the staff will guide you and advise you for your itineraries. They will always be available and smile as they greet you. 

Activities like beer pong, billiards and movie night under stars are there. Bike rentals and tour packages are also offered. Fellow backpackers will meet and communicate with you during make-your-own-breakfast buffets. It will make you a free-spirited and a laid back individual.

WILL: We want a cheap accommodation that the quality of service was not compromised. Like other hostel that we booked, MNL Boracay didn't fail us. 

For only Php1,300/night for its air-conditioned deck suite. It includes a queen size bed, towels, flat screen led tv with cable channels, and a breakfast. It offers free wifi at the common areas, billiard and roof deck watching area. 

What I love the most at this hostel? The friendly staffs that will greet your mornings and the ambiance of having a laid-back and happy life. We enjoyed the white beach for just few steps away and the serene grounds of Bulabog beach too. 

Till next time MNL Boracay. Thanks for providing an affordable room for frugal but chic travelers like us.