Saturday, June 27, 2015

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

ABBEY: Spending quality time with family is a reward for every OFW. But being with them in an out-of-town trip with food and travel is more than a reward. Planning and booking at Villa Escudero got everyone excited and finally the day came. 

We left Manila by almost 7AM and got there by 10. We were welcomed warmly by their staff as well as their welcome drinks. And we were led to the cashier for the tickets. But before going in, we ate our breakfast. Everybody preferred to hop to the cart pulled by a carabao rather than motorised vehicle. I think the carabao got a hard time pulling the 20 of us. A folk singer rendered us native songs along our way to the Waterfalls restaurant. The kids went first to the pool and enjoyed the waters and each adult went for their own selfie time. 

Lunch time is at Waterfalls restaurant. Eat to your stomach's content while the stream of water touch your feet. I think I ate more than 15 lumpiang toge and pork adobo but with less rice. That's how you do buffet. Siesta became alive while the performers (staffs of the resort is part of this too) showcased cultural dances to the tunes played by the string band aside from drinking freshly brewed coffee. After the presentation, the audience had the chance to take snaps with them. 

We stroll along the resort riding a long golf cart; the resort has a church, halls for weddings and meetings, and cabins for guests who will stay overnight. 

We visited their museum which exhibits church relics, coins and notes from different countries, clothes used by former Philippine presidents, and war articles like guns and uniforms. 

It was a fun-filled day and ended up on a sip of hot bulalo of Leslie's in Tagaytay. Hoping there would be more like this.

WILL: This is supposedly a celebration of my mother's bday. In the very last minute, mother backed-out the idea. Well, we still pursue to visit the famous Villa Escudero. 

We traveled without traffic for almost 4 hours. Whew! I enjoyed the ride because of the non-stop conversation with my siblings. And you will not dare to sleep because Ate Sol relentlessly taking shots of the person who's snatching some slumber. Haha!

We were greeted by genuine smiles of the people at the concierge. We informed them that we have a reservation and we settled the fees. They accept cash and major credit cards. We ate some breakfast at the before we went inside. 

Carabao!!! We got into the cart and carabao pulled us to our destination. When the children saw the pool, instantly they took off their shirts and changed to their swimming outfits. Within a second their already in the pool enjoying the cold waters in it. 

Rafting is free and I love to do it again. Yes! This is my second time in the place. Abbey was partnered by my Kuya Ric and I was with Papa RS. Luckily Papa knew how to operate the raft. We sailed with a great speed. Blissfully enjoyed the experience. 

After our tiring-but-enjoyeable rafting, we went to the manmade waterfalls for our buffet lunch. It made my tummy almost burst. Haha! What ate mangoes, vegetables and lumpia. I made three trips for that. Drool!!! We spend 2 hours of non-stop-chewing. Haha. 

We went back to the pool and my siblings lie down on the beach seats for siestas. 3pm the performance starts. We watched while sipping a hot coffee. After the show we decided to go roam around the villa. You can hail the whole vehicle and they will tour you to the whole land owned by the resort. 

Our last stop was the museum. No cameras were allowed. Strictly for your eyes only. What's inside? Catholic images and a lot of paraphernalia. I hope they preserve and showcase it in a more organised way.  

We walked through the gate and saw our photos. My siblings happily bought it as their souvenirs.  

The long journey of 6 hours back and forth is worthwhile. Time spent with your loved ones is never been a wasted time.