Sunday, June 14, 2015

Smoke Resto Boracay at D'Mall

ABBEY: Wilma knew about Smoke from the famous Pinoy travel show host Drew Arellano. They said that there are two branches of it in D Mall, Boracay and the one we found is located in the center of D Mall. I didn't bother to search for the other one as I'm already hungry :)

I ordered spicy garlic pork. Yes, you read it right. Even the noontime sun made us sweat finding that place, I still prefer to eat spicy food. But that's ok, I got their calamansi shake which cooled me down. It was delicious and refreshing. The restaurant also offers other Pinoy food like pork sinigang and tapsilog. You won't believe what Wilma had, check her entry below.

WILL: A research will lead you to a pretty perfect holiday. And I stumbled upon Drew Arellano's "Biyahe ni Drew". They covered Boracay and how to save some pennies for an extravagant experience. And Smoke caught my attention.

After we checked-in on our second hotel, we headed to D'Mall for lunch. We were both tired from our land tours and the walk from Station 3 to Station 2 seems unending. We stepped in to the D'Mall and saw the Andok's as landmark but the Smoke where nowhere to be found. 

We walk, walk and walk and luckily we asked one of the local and guided us that it was located at the back of Andok's. Gosh! 

We sat, ordered and minutes later the hot bulalo and kaopad are on our table. I ate the food as if I never eat in my entire life. Yes we are at the beach and the sun gave a scorching heat but the bulalo still gave me a relief. Their version of bulalo has a spike of ginger. Its soup soothes well with my rice with shrimp paste.

Smoke Resto is definitely worth my long walk.