Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe - Boracay, Aklan

ABBEY: This restaurant is a must-go-to when you're in Boracay. You know why? They are offering calamansi muffin. Whoa, a muffin that is sour :) But it is not. It costs Php60.00 a piece. Here's a fun fact, they are selling it per box for Php300.00. Got discount right? But it is only for take aways. I didn't bother to ask the staff if I can buy a to-go box and eat it inside. Baka mag-init pa ulo ni ate. :) 

We ordered four pieces (1/2 for Wilma and 3 1/2 for me). It was sweet and tangy on every bite. "Siksik"; that is the word I'll describe for the muffins. They were heavy compared to other. I even kid the staff that I'll complain as my arm hurt in lifting the pastry. 

I partnered it with iced coffee and my merienda was fixed.

WILL: Denise and Ate Nini suggested us to go for some of the famous muffins of Real Coffee. Actually it is on my list but I am ready to skip it once we experience a time shortage. Haha. 

It was after our island hopping. Even though we have a buffet lunch we still managed to make some space for some desserts. 

We got 4 of the famous kalamansi muffins. And 3 and half was all eaten by Abbey. I love muffins but the sour and tanginess of it do not fit my taste. Maybe it will suit a hot coffee or tea instead of cold ones. Anyways, next time I will try that. 

Abbey want to bring some boxes of it to Manila but we forgot to by on the next day.